Hey everyone!

Welcome to the first Development Log. Here is a rundown of what development work will be happening throughout the week! Remember, not all of these features have been implemented yet. Once components are implemented, they will be announced on our Discord in a changelog. This post allows you to gauge an understanding of the work that goes on behind the scenes.


-/ Making prices of feature packages live rather than static. We are still investigating if this is possible or not. However, it is likely not!

-/ More web in general. We have removed the Christmas style for both the store and Website.

-/ A new wiki for KiwiMC is now in the works. With help from the administrating team, Teacup and Eziars.


-/ New features coming for the suggestion feature on the bot are coming soon and making it easier for players to track the progress of suggestions and admins to lock suggestions for both accepted and denied suggestions.

-/ We are currently looking into ways to make the bot more interactive for users. This includes creating tickets, bug reports, and other systems. We are currently developing ways to improve this. This should be with us soon.


A busy week has commenced in the development team over the last few days. Mainly around new features and several bug reports.

New Features

-/ Merchants are coming to town! You can trade items with merchants; these merchants will reset every 24 hours.

-/ Special Wands, we are implementing new wands. These will be obtainable through crates, merchants, and the store. These include; Sell, Smelt, & Condense wands.

-/ Global Boosters, these will be obtainable during events and also purchasable on the store.

-/ Backpacks, carry around this handy backpack to store items on the go and automatically have drops go into your backpack when your inventory is full. You can upgrade your backpack slots.

-/ Seasonal Events, they are coming! We are working on a system for leaderboards and custom rewards for all different types of game modes!  

-/ Settings, you can put an item filter on when you are mining (meaning you can stop the collection of redundant materials), drop confirmation for specific items, and more!

-/ New Private Message System, the new format is coming soon and a fix for replying to users.

-/ Item & Inventory to chat, drop type in chat [item] or [inv] it will be displayed to all users in the chat!

-/  Shop Sell Menu for Bedrock players, do not worry, Bedrock players! We have not forgotten about you. This resolves an issue where Bedrock players cannot sell items due to not being able to right-click in inventories.

-/ Fly Cookies, trade these with other players if you have too much or even sell them on the auction house!

-/ Custom Trade System, with trade history and more! Including the ability to trade currency!

-/ Custom Fishing System, similar to our custom mining, enchanting, and spawner systems, we are going to be implementing a custom fishing system! With levels and rewards to be obtained!

-/ Two new Minion Buddies! We are going to be implementing a new Lumberjack minion. Help chop those trees! And a Fisherman minion, fishing just got easier!

-/ New Reminders for; Daily and Monthly Rewards, and also if you have items in your Mailbox.

-/ Discord Nitro rewards are coming to KiwiMC! That goes for all current Nitro Boosters as well!

-/ Tiered Crowbars are coming, all crowbars existing on the server at the moment will be converted to T4 Crowbars, meaning they will be able to break any spawners on the server.

-/ New Rewards menu system, view all your available rewards in a single GUI!

-/New PvP Arena and Duels game mode. Battle with friends at a party, and also 1v1 to the death! Including combat mechanics for both Pre & Post 1.8 PvP.

-/ New custom voting system. Player vote notifications will only appear when a player has voted on all 5 vote links.

-/ New Custom Icons for Enchanting Books (Based on Tiers) and also the Minion Upgrades

-/ New Essentials crate to be released. This will be a permanent crate.

-/ Enchantment Tokens are coming! You will be able to trade with the Enchantment Merchant for books from any tier! These tokens will be obtainable through custom systems such as; Mining, Fishing, Crates, and more!

Bug Fixes

-/ Memory Leak issue on the server. This has been resolved. This would cause the server to randomly crash.

-/ Players you /ignored would still have their messages displayed in chat.

-/ Spawner limit issue, old spawners would count towards the limit, even if they were not there.

-/ Monthly Rewards reset issue after a restart.

-/ Minion Duplication Bug, this was a critical issue.

-/ Auction House pagination. Allowing players to go through multiple empty pages with the auction house.

-/ Mailbox & Shop not giving out the correct multiples of items. Some players would only receive two keys in their Mailbox rather than ten.

-/ Swordsman issues: both the linking of a chest and not auto-smelting Porkchop has been resolved.

-/ Level Limits not correlating correctly when a player would level up or purchase a rank.


-/ Combat log now disables all active perks that are obtained through /perks and also disables flight.

-/ Key All now works based on IP checks compared to user checks.

-/ Daily Rewards will now only give a reward to a single person on an IP address.

-/ Vote Crate is being reworked and will be increased. We will also be disabling 2x voting once this change has been made.

-/ We have custom-coded our own inhouse Rankup plugin. This should prevent issues users are having with ranking up.


-/ There is a new way to view bug reports and track any reported bugs. This can be found here. The Administrative Team will keep this updated and ensure that recent reports are added when they come in. The development team will then work on resolving these issues.

-/ Not that we have had many reports. However, we have doubled the number of system resources the Earth server can use to future proof ourselves. This is for Java players.

-/ Resolving an issue with Bedrock players having severe lag at spawn. We have located the root cause of the issue and we are currently in the development of a fix. Currently, players who connect through the Geyser proxy may still encounter lag at spawn. However, should be okay in the Earth world.

-/ Anti Cheat will now report alerts across the entire network; this is to help protect players across the network, but also the events server. We have also merged the database into a network-wide rather than an individual database. When writing this, our anti-cheat has collected data from over 6.7M movements. From both legitimate and illegitimate. We estimate it now provides us with 97.4% accuracy. Making it our largest database on the entire network and officially overtaking CoreProtect, which logs every single action a user makes.

Please remember that these new features, changes, and bug fixes have not been implemented yet. However, we thought you might like to see what we are getting up to in this weeks update process. The majority of these changes will be implemented in stages. Once they are, there will be an announcement on our Discord!