Wow, it is almost summer? Already?! How time flies when you're having fun. Nearly six months of KiwiMC. How far we have come; can you believe that? We are now pleased to announce our most significant update yet. So without further due, let's get straight into them.

Please note; that some features do not have images to help ensure the idea is only first seen on KiwiMC.

New Spawn

That's right; we are pleased to announce a brand new spawn. The spawn includes a new opening welcoming feeling for all players. Whilst also giving us the ability to house some of our brand new features. The most significant being a

New Tutorial Area

Helping new and even current players out, we offer a new intuitive tutorial area for all. It covers our core features and helps explain these features in-depth. Hopefully, this will help void any gap of knowledge of server features.

New Warzone

As mentioned above, our new spawn helps us house some new, unique custom features. One of the main ones of these is our custom warzone just outside of the spawn. Found outside the central spawn area, you will find custom mobs, traps, health packs, etc. Beware as they do bite, but it will be surely worth the rewards!

New Envoys

Once again, being housed in the same area outside of the central spawn point, every 2 hours, an envoy event will take place. In the mix of the hostile mobs, you will also have to deal with players where PVP is compulsory. Get suited and booted by finding and redeeming supply drops during these events.

Land Wars

That's right; the long wait is over for the highly anticipated Land Wars. Get your battle attire ready as we gear up to drop our most requested feature of KiwiMC since the day we started. Team up, find enemies and allies and protect your lands at all costs. With kills and land capturing all accounting for points, we are sure all can enjoy this undoubtedly formidable experience.

New Pets

A purely cosmetical but loyal companion. These fellows will follow you on your adventure and stick by your side through thick and thin! With this base release, we plan to expand this feature of KiwiMC in the future, implementing levels and skills. Everyone will be given a random pet from the initial release on their first join! With thirty pets being released from the get-go.

New Cosmetic System

A complete overhaul of our cosmetic system sees us implementing some seriously cool new features. These features include a new wardrobe system where you can preview all cosmetics, wear custom armour and switch between, balloons you can hold in your off-hand, and new emotes that allow taunting your enemies! And lastly, custom backpacks that you can upgrade with various skins and more.

New Crates

A complete revamp of the crates system and more! A completely new cosmetic only crate that will have loads of cosmetics for you to have the chance of winning, implemented with a system that has never been seen before on Minecraft. Alongside a new crate, we are also releasing a brand new crate for Vote and Daily rewards.

New Custom Crafting System

Starting with a few essential recipes, we aim to implement various unique features through the use of custom crafting, this includes infinite water & lava buckets, invisible item frames, and new items that drop from new custom mobs can craft new weapons from those drops.

Skill & Jobs Improvements

We have reworked how mana can be obtained in skills, meaning you will now be able to use powerups more often as you have more chances to gain mana to pay for them. We've also taken this time to make Jobs more balanced and the payouts far more suited.

Automatic Rotating Resource Worlds

No more waiting for administrators to reset resource worlds and generate them every two (three) weeks. This is now automated, ensuring you will have a new resource world for all three dimensions.


  • Improve chat format to help readability for all. Including new chat hover messages, chat tags for those at war, and chat announcements.
  • New Chat Games & Reward Pool.
  • The ability to stack both Crowbars and Safari Nets.
  • Various price updates to the shop this is to help align the balance of the server with both Jobs and Quests.
  • New emojis on the server and a way to view all emojis (/emojis).
  • Reworked Lands GUI and Menu that is more intuitive for users.
  • New Help GUI in-game.
  • Ability to display items and inventories in the chat. Using [item] and [inv].
  • Huge improvements in the stability and performance of the server.
  • New textures for the Spawner, Fisherman and Lumberjack minion.
  • New Trading System so you can trade with others (/trade).
  • A huge amount of bug fixes and overall improvements for the server.

By far and large, This is our largest ever update on KiwiMC. We have been working on developing and implementing this update for a while now. We are still developing this update, but we believe we are now at the stage to say we are almost complete, and we will be looking for Beta testers for this update. We will make an additional announcement sometime in the week to get people to test the usability of the new features!

An update of this magnitude would not have been possible without the excellent support you have all dedicated to KiwiMC. We strive to make KiwiMC the most unique Earth server on Minecraft. This is not an easy task to achieve, but we believe with your support we are close. So from all of us in the staff team, thank you.  


Making Minecraft Unique.