Greetings, fellow players! Long time no speak for a lot of us. I hope you haven't missed us too much! It has been a busy two months over here. We have been working on all new features and new server types for our players to enjoy. We have been planning out additional add-ons to the game, unique content which has never been seen before on Minecraft and crafting further plans to help advertise and push the server.

So, now to the exciting topic of conversation and why you are all reading this announcement. What exactly have we been doing, and what are our plans for KiwiMC?

Survival Earth

What is Minecraft Earth? If you have been under a rock for the past eight months and have not heard, here is some information regarding the Survival Earth Gamemode. Fundamentally, it is a survival server, but with a custom and unique map: that map being Earth. KiwiMC offers a 1:500 replica of Earth on Minecraft.

Okay, but what features does KiwiMC offer that differentiates us from other servers? Well, a lot. However, whilst keeping it custom and to our brand, we have kept it simple and easy to understand for all players. We have managed to achieve this by altering simple game mechanics such as; enchanting, item forging, fishing, and mining. Awesome! So what features do we offer on our Earth server?

  • A 1:500 replica of Eath in Minecraft.
  • A live map will be viewable online! You can see bases and players on the Earth map.
  • A new unique quest system with endless quests and various special rewards.
  • We have also developed our own;
  1. Shop System

2. Auction House System

3. Fishing System

4. Mining System

5. Enchantment System

6. Crates System

7. Levelling System

8. New Spawner system and way to obtain spawners.

  • A custom villager system. Whilst we understand villager trading is a large part of survival gameplay, it can also cause a hindrance to the gameplay significantly once villagers are fully upgraded. Therefore, each player will see villager trades unique to that player. This will help with balance and how items are obtained within the game.

Eclipse Realm

Releasing in mid to late January, KiwiMC will offer its very own custom and unique game mode. And some of you may know this to be, Mineclipse. However, it has been altered and recoded to offer a better, but most importantly, more challenging and balanced experience. Rather than stating what features, we will implement, how about we list what we have changed.

  • A whole new mining system. We have changed the blocks rewarded for mining, the rank up procedure, the payout system, the mine reset system, and much more. The result is that you will no longer be rewarded with player balance when mining but rather Elixir.
  • A new way in which Spawners work in Eclipse. Thus we have removed Souls.
  • A new questing system for daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. These will be for both Mining and Island gameplay.
  • Mines are now significantly smaller, and the blocks that are rewarded have been substantially decreased. Ranking up will also be more challenging but also far more competitive.


So, we've told you about what features we have on the individual servers. What do we have that is globally accessible?

  • Global Premium Ranks and Rewards. That's right. All ranks will be global across all of our servers, both present and future servers. All old levels have been updated to their newer corresponding ranks.
  • Multiple unique server types are planned for both the near and far future. ¬†Unline Mineclipse. We are going to be expanding on different avenues. This will not only allow us for growth but also entertainment can be found across the board. We encourage all players to try our custom game modes.
  • Global bonuses throughout the board and all server types. ¬†Various goals and challenges that everyone on any server they are playing can help contribute towards.
  • A new custom events system will be designed around various critical events throughout the year. These events will offer custom rewards and more.
  • Weekly events, offering various rewards from in-game items to store credit.
  • New marketing plans, we have hired two new people for our creator crew. Welcome through the door, KJ, and Element. We also have additional plans to further our marketing towards the middle and end of December.
  • We have also redesigned our whole UI, implementing more custom textures and menus.
  • Compatibility support with both Java and Bedrock. We strive to make the most supported cross-platform network of the new Minecraft age (more on this soon).
  • A huge amount of custom textures was added throughout all servers. Offering a more customised experience.


With all of that in mind, it all comes down to when we will release this to the public! We are planning on an early December release. We have got all plans in place to release between the first and middle of the second week. We were planning on releasing in November; however, changes to circumstances that were out of our control we've slightly delayed. However, it has allowed us to add more custom content to the server.

We will post some further sneak-peeks in our Discord closer to our release date.

The best part? This is only a small brief of what we have to offer. We thank you all so much for your patience. We hope to see you at our release. Please feel free to join our Discord for exclusive updates and announcements.