Hacked Client/Cheating
Cheating or any form of gaining an unfair advantage is not allowed on KiwiMC. This includes autoclicking and autoplacing

Griefing as a whole is prohibited on the server. This includes built on land, even if it is not claimed.

Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia, or Transphobia
Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia, or Transphobia is prohibited everywhere.

Ban or Mute Evading
Punishment evading of any such kind.

Scamming or stealing items is not allowed. This includes joining and leaving a land and taking what is not yours.

Player or Staff Disrespect
Be respectful to all players on KiwiMC.

Inappropriate Chat
Please keep all communication channels clean of anything inappropriate.

Advertising content that does not belong or is owned by KiwiMC is not allowed.

AFK Farming
No form of AFK farming is allowed. This includes both AFK Fishing and Mining. However, you can AFK for; spawners, and crop growth.

TP Killing/Trapping
It is not allowed for players to tp another player to your location and cause them to die or trap that player.

Inappropriate Naming
This includes; Minecraft Usernames, Discord Usernames, Item Names, and Land Names.

Alt Accounts
You are allowed to use 2 alt accounts on KiwiMC

Character spamming and excessive use of caps is not allowed on KiwiMC.

English Chat Only
If you wish to communicate in another language please use /msg. This is to ensure everyone understands your message.

User Impersonation
Any form of user impersonation is not tolerated on KiwiMC. This includes both Skins and Nicknames. If you nickname yourself something similar to other users, you will have the ability removed.